My philosophy? I’m traditionalist wrapped in a cloak of modernity: my look is classic with a bold twist. Strongly influenced from fashion, art and design, my interiors reveal the possibilities of combining modern elements with the classic and traditional. 

My style is eclectic and while attracted to many different styles and periods, color comes first. I use it in bold ways, from strong and unusual combinations to selecting shades you really can’t define. I love the way color effects our mood and personality. Playing with scale and pattern is also something I love to do. It adds depth, drama and character to any space.

I’m constantly on the hunt for something that moves and inspires me, to cultivate my eye - this is where fashion comes into place, it allows me to feel confident while taking a risk. I love the unexpected and the reaction that generates. 

As an alumnus of Harrington College of Design in Chicago, IL my career has given me the opportunity to work with several of the finest tastemakers in the industry. My firm, Antonino Buzzetta Design, was started in 2010 and since then I have collaborated with my clients to achieve a balance of timeless elegance with a distinctly modern sensibility. I believe that the end product should be a setting that reflects the homeowners personality, the character of the space and showcases the objects within it.

"When I create a room, I create a lifestyle – and I fill it with life."


39 West 14th Street - Suite 504

New York, NY 10011
P. 917.971.0571